This is my History

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This STORY is about BEARDS.  it’s my STORY. 

With professional training in the area of hair and beard since 1987 my passion for beards started in early 2010 when I chose to have a new look. This passion has been my focus of research and discovering why there are more and more men with beards around the world.
In 2017 after I lost my job and had to decide what to do with almost 50 years old and knowing that it would not be so easy to get a job. I started thinking about a professional solution for my life. I remembered the project that was in the drawer which was to produce a line of Beard products. I talked with some people, researched the market for beard products, researched products, talked to barber shops, did a cost survey and ran into a tremendous difficulty that was the investment. In an informal conversation with a friend in a bar here in Lisbon I told him about the project and the difficulties, and to my surprise he became interested and we started the project OS BÁRBAROS BEARD CO.
April 2017 started the first phase of the brand, with 03 Beard oils and 01 Beard shampoo. As every beginning is difficult, we end up going through difficulties and finally overcoming some of them.
January 2018, my investing partner asks to leave the company for personal reasons with his family and I had to decide whether to continue or not. But my desire to continue was greater and so I spent a period researching new formulas.
Finally in December 2018 I have a complete product line, including accessories and a new website.
2020, a world crisis arises in which the whole world is living, and once again I find myself in a situation that would have to decide whether or not to stop, so I decided to tell a little about my story, my passion for beard care, and to tell with the support of all of you bearded. I need to continue to produce, develop more products and, above all, I need to survive on my work.
Os Bárbaros Beard Co is a brand of beard products created by a barber and produced by hand using organic and natural products.

Paulo Fraga

The matter today is serious. Beard hygiene.

Beard hygiene.

I have seen many men sticking to their beards and not paying attention to daily care. So here’s a message: having certain beard care is an obligation of any man, even more in the current world situation on CORONAVIRUS.

So we will treat your BEARD properly for your own good, believe me. I see some men spend an hour getting ready for work and not having the decency to even wash it.

Products suitable for hygiene and beard care?


Beards need extra care. (Remember the current world situation on CORANAVIRUS)

You don’t put soap on your hair, right?

Of course not, after all you know that soap is for the skin and that for the hair there is the shampoo.

Care with a large, medium or even short beard should follow the same reasoning, you know? So, why haven’t you bought the specific shampoo for beard yet?

It sanitizes the hair, eliminates residues, makes it much easier to comb and not to mention that it is technologically developed to be applied to the type of hair that grows on the face.

The beard shampoo also has components in its formulation, which allow a deep cleaning of the skin, helping to combat possible itches and irritations.

People with very large beards, end up having skin irritations if they do not care properly. So, in addition to washing your beard with shampoo, also take care of hydration.

Therefore, we recommend Beard Oil, as it will supply this deficiency and nourish the beard from root to tip.


Coronavirus / Covid-19
How can I protect myself?
In affected areas, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends hygiene measures and respiratory etiquette to reduce exposure and transmission of the disease:
Adopt respiratory etiquette measures: cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing (with a tissue or elbow, never with your hands; always throw the tissue in the trash);
Wash your hands frequently. You should wash them whenever you blow, sneeze, cough or after direct contact with sick people;
Avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection.