This is my History

This STORY is about BEARDS.  it’s my STORY. 

With professional training in the area of hair and beard since 1987 my passion for beards started in early 2010 when I chose to have a new look. This passion has been my focus of research and discovering why there are more and more men with beards around the world.
In 2017 after I lost my job and had to decide what to do with almost 50 years old and knowing that it would not be so easy to get a job. I started thinking about a professional solution for my life. I remembered the project that was in the drawer which was to produce a line of Beard products. I talked with some people, researched the market for beard products, researched products, talked to barber shops, did a cost survey and ran into a tremendous difficulty that was the investment. In an informal conversation with a friend in a bar here in Lisbon I told him about the project and the difficulties, and to my surprise he became interested and we started the project OS BÁRBAROS BEARD CO.
April 2017 started the first phase of the brand, with 03 Beard oils and 01 Beard shampoo. As every beginning is difficult, we end up going through difficulties and finally overcoming some of them.
January 2018, my investing partner asks to leave the company for personal reasons with his family and I had to decide whether to continue or not. But my desire to continue was greater and so I spent a period researching new formulas.
Finally in December 2018 I have a complete product line, including accessories and a new website.
2020, a world crisis arises in which the whole world is living, and once again I find myself in a situation that would have to decide whether or not to stop, so I decided to tell a little about my story, my passion for beard care, and to tell with the support of all of you bearded. I need to continue to produce, develop more products and, above all, I need to survive on my work.
Os Bárbaros Beard Co is a brand of beard products created by a barber and produced by hand using organic and natural products.

Paulo Fraga

The matter today is serious. Beard hygiene.

Beard hygiene.

I have seen many men sticking to their beards and not paying attention to daily care. So here’s a message: having certain beard care is an obligation of any man, even more in the current world situation on CORONAVIRUS.

So we will treat your BEARD properly for your own good, believe me. I see some men spend an hour getting ready for work and not having the decency to even wash it.

Products suitable for hygiene and beard care?


Beards need extra care. (Remember the current world situation on CORANAVIRUS)

You don’t put soap on your hair, right?

Of course not, after all you know that soap is for the skin and that for the hair there is the shampoo.

Care with a large, medium or even short beard should follow the same reasoning, you know? So, why haven’t you bought the specific shampoo for beard yet?

It sanitizes the hair, eliminates residues, makes it much easier to comb and not to mention that it is technologically developed to be applied to the type of hair that grows on the face.

The beard shampoo also has components in its formulation, which allow a deep cleaning of the skin, helping to combat possible itches and irritations.

People with very large beards, end up having skin irritations if they do not care properly. So, in addition to washing your beard with shampoo, also take care of hydration.

Therefore, we recommend Beard Oil, as it will supply this deficiency and nourish the beard from root to tip.


Coronavirus / Covid-19
How can I protect myself?
In affected areas, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends hygiene measures and respiratory etiquette to reduce exposure and transmission of the disease:
Adopt respiratory etiquette measures: cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing (with a tissue or elbow, never with your hands; always throw the tissue in the trash);
Wash your hands frequently. You should wash them whenever you blow, sneeze, cough or after direct contact with sick people;
Avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection.

What is Organic Safflower Oil and what is it for?

The safflower is a plant, relative of the sunflower, native to the Middle East and grown in Europe and the United States.
By possessing many benefits for our health, currently safflower oil is widely used by the cosmetics industry as well as medicine in general.

Why organic?

Organic: it is produced without the use of agro-toxic or transgenic seeds in a process that preserves the natural resources from the beginning to the end.
(Beard OIl Citrus, Beard Oil Woody)

Benefits and Uses of Safflower Oil

Because it is rich in fatty acids, safflower oil has several benefits, uses and effects on our health. We will see the most common recommendations as well as the most effective uses of safflower oil.
By having large amount of oleic acid, safflower oil is incredibly beneficial to the health of the beard, scalp,hair and also to our skin due to the linoleic acid which is also present in it. Because it is a vitamin that increases circulation in the scalp and skin, oleic acid stimulates vigorous growth of the beard hairs.

Moisturizing of the Beard

As your beard grows it is normal for the wires to dry out, especially at the ends. The dried out wires cause double, triple ends, opaque appearance and sometimes brittle. The oil helps to compensate by moisturizing the entire beard. Improving the appearance of beard hair.

Our Beard  Products

The beard, no matter the size, requires good maintenance to show a nice and well-groomed appearance.
A bearded man of respect is one who looks after his appearance with the right items.
How to care for the beard with specific products?
 The beard oil has the function of moisturizing the hairs guaranteeing the growth of the healthiest hair. After all nobody deserves a stubble and ugly beard!
In our beard oils, we sought to add this rich oil, but we chose to introduce the organic safflower oil, together with the organic sunflower seed oil and the organic apricot kernel oil. These blends have resulted in a quality product for you to get maximum hydration for your beard.
By Paulo Fraga


Sunflowers adorn our roads, bring color to our gardens and still leave us a valuable gift:
plentiful seeds packed with benefits that can help you.
Although a modest ingredient, sunflower seed oil has immense benefits when introduced into a natural beard / hair care routine.
* Organic Sunflower Seed Oil is present in some of our products.
* Organic: it was produced without the use of agro-toxic or transgenic seeds in a process that preserves the natural resources from the beginning to the end.
(Beard OIl Citrus, Beard Oil Woody)
-It is a moisturizing and emollient agent, which helps the drier beards to retain hydration levels.
-Have a high concentration of vitamin E, an essential nutrient to prevent damage to cells caused by ultraviolet and UVA rays.
-The presence of vitamins A, C and D helps to erect a protective barrier against bacteria that cause acne / itching.
It also contains beta-carotene, a highly antioxidant compound that not only protects from the sun but also neutralizes free radicals.
-The sunflower seed oil is a valuable ingredient. It controls the texture of the most stubborn hairs, hydrates deeply from the root to the tips, without regret, and prevents the falling and breaking of the threads.

By Paulo Fraga


A very common doubt among men who begin to wear a beard is if they need to use a beard shampoo when it is time to wash it.

The answer is yes!

According to experts, for a beautiful, clean and healthy beard, man needs to wash it daily with products specially developed to care for that area.

Shaving is something that helps eliminate dead skin cells, and when you stop using the blade, letting the beard grow, these cells start to accumulate between the strands, which can cause discomfort and irritation to the skin .

Just like the hair, our beard also has its peculiarities. So to be looked after properly, the choice of a shampoo and a beard conditioner, which have been created with the right components for these frizzier yarns, makes all the difference and brings a lot of benefits in the short and long term.

The texture of the beard hairs is much thicker than that of our hair.

For this reason, the beard requires a greater hydration, to avoid dryness and opacity, which can result in weaker and more prone to falling yarn.

Beard shampoos and conditioners have a lighter formula than hair products, but without neglecting the effectiveness of cleansing and moisturizing, providing stronger and brighter beards.

Eliminates bad smell and oiliness

Our beard is constantly in contact with food, beverages, grease, dust, smoke and other debris that can accumulate in it and therefore it can develop a bad smell, as well as our hair when it is not sanitized with the proper frequency.

Protects the skin from the face

There are many differences between the scalp and the skin on our face and this is the main factor that makes beard products more delicate.

After all, the beard is on the face and we know how much facial skin is most sensitive.

Beard shampoos and conditioners have a specific chemical composition that does not harm the skin of the face and prevents allergic reactions that cause itching and redness.

In addition, these products avoid the flaking that the beard already knows, something common caused by the lack of care.

Finally, the shampoo and conditioner should be used together, because the former serves to clean the beard, also eliminating the bad smell, while the second has the power to soften it, leaving it more shapeable.

Now that you know the importance of using one  shampoo and one conditioner specific for your beard  visit our site and know our products.

by Paulo Fraga

How to Care for Your Beard

How to Care for Your Beard

 Nobody wants a beggar’s beard, but is just pass the oil and that’s it?

See now how to treat the beard for her to represent you!

After moisturizing the beard with your favorite oil, you spent all day exposing your beard to dust, fried food, tobacco, and other things that left it stinking and not so showy.

So a good beard shampoo at the end of the day during the bath, will help remove the excess oil that the wires did not absorb and the dirt of the day. Never use a common soap in your beard, there are bar soaps, known as soap for beard,   suitable for such a function.

So like this  you’ll  are prepared to receive one more dose of daily hydration.

How to wash the beard? Does it have a right way?

Yes, bearded! First wash your hair as you usually do, clean your face as usual. Then apply the beard shampoo to your hand or directly to the beard as directed by the manufacturer. Firmly rub your fingertips to the skin and massage the wires.

One or two applications should be enough to make your beard clean and ready to be moisturize. This can be done with a balm or one beard oil.

These items will help you shape the beard and give it the shape you want. At this point a wood shaving comb will help you to give volume and put the wires in place. Then finish with a beard brush


Well, after this rain of information, how to choose the best BEARD OIL?

Os Bárbaros Beard Co. always has the concern in bringing the best for you and for that reason we always test all the products that arrive here. That’s why we can offer you the best beard oil!

First look at the components, choose the ones that are natural, which preferably have 100% vegetable oil or the Organics

Once this is done, choose the fragrance that pleases you best and be happy!

By Paulo Fraga

Dye or not Dye my Beard?

Some say it’s charm and others get extremely annoyed when the white wires begin to fill our beard

What to do?

Before making a decision, it is important to know that the cosmetics market will be on our side, whatever the solution: paint or leave the gray wires.

For those who are uncomfortable with the gray beard, even if they are a few threads, painting is an alternative. It should be done by professionals and with specific dyes for the facial hair. And that detail is critical because “Scalp skin is much tougher than facial skin, so the chemistry of hair dyes can irritate the beard.”

Once the painting is defined, it is time to think about the color. The orientation is to get a color that comes closest to the tone of your “natural beard”.

For this the cosmetic industry has already created tonalizantes for beard in 7 colors: light brown, medium, dark, black, bluish black, blonde and red. The barber never reveals the brand used in his clients.


If the word “paint” seems strange, some barber shops use “pigment” or “camouflage”. In this case, certainly, the establishment develops the technique that uses henna: in addition to coloring the white wires, it covers the faults of the beard hairs on the skin.

Henna is the most interesting cosmetic resource for these sensitive areas such as beard and mustache. It is not an aggressive product and can be used with some constancy.

Therefore, before adopting camouflage, our tip is to observe aspects that involve health and appearance. Choose a barber shop to ensure the use of appropriate products and inspected by the Sanitary Surveillance; and that it counts on the services of a specialist barber in this technical of color.

The procedure takes about half an hour and the result lasts between 15 days and a month.


If you are one of the more traditional and decided to take on the white beard, it is important to know that it will also require some care. Factors such as pollution, cigarette nicotine, among others, end up leaving the hair with the yellowish tone

In this case the “fit” is called a tint. The procedure is made with specific products for white and gray hairs, which neutralize the yellow of the strands through a purple toner (Look for a shampoo for gray beards)

By Paulo Fraga

10 facts about the Beard that you did not know

Since ancient Egypt, the beard is well regarded by society. Even if, now a days, it divides opinions of some people, you will always have a good argument to use it, be it short beards, medium, long, drawn or not even some ones that should not be considered as bearded. Not long ago the beard was still considered a sign of carelessness or rebellion against society, but today is seen by the vast majority as an essential part of the masculine face leaving more stylish, not to mention some well-made health that it provides when grown, check out:


1 – Contrary to popular belief, shaving too often does not make it grow faster. What may occur is only a stimulation of the hair follicle and the growth of new beard hair.

2 – A man “loses”, on average, 3,350 hours cultivating and maintaining or shaving his beard all his life.

3 – The beard tends to grow more rapidly during periods of sexual abstinence. The culprits of this? Hormones

4 – Research indicates that since 2008 the visit to dermatologists for demand for a beard implants has grown by an average of 600%.

5 – According to Forbes magazine, 98% of the world’s richest men do not have a beard.

6 – The beard acts as a natural protector against the sun. According to studies by the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, beard and mustache extensions are one-third less exposed to solar radiation, as are exposed regions where hairs predominate

7 – More than half the world’s male population has a beard or mustache, about 55%.

8 – The beard tends to grow faster during the summer. This is due to vasodilation characteristic of the season. That is, with the follicle open the beard  hair grown faster.

9 – The beard helps the health of the skin and the ventilatory system. According to doctors in the area, shaving is one of the main causes of bacterial infections in the face, and also the removal of the layer of facial hair impairs the filtration of impurities brought by the external environment.

10 – Leaving the big beard helps to combat the symptoms of asthma, as it prevents the invasion of dust or pollen through the nasal passages



Since 1995, the World Beard and Mustache Championship has been held with the participation of representatives from more than 20 countries, in which the most beautiful and strange mustaches, goatees and beards of the world are evaluated.

With all these curiosities about the beard, you can convince the most unbelieving that it is rather synonymous with beauty, health and trust. Keeping your beard always well-groomed, you will carry on your face a symbol of masculinity, simply as a matter of style.

By Paulo Fraga

What are the benefits of beard oils?

The beard, no matter the size, requires good maintenance to show a nice and well-groomed appearance. A bearded man of respect is one who looks after his appearance with the right items.

So how to take care of the beard with products that can not be lacking?

The beard oil has the function of moisturizing the beard hairs guaranteeing one  growth healthiest. After all nobody deserves a stubble and ugly beard!

The oil is a special conditioner for the beard with the function of maintaining a healthier appearance of the beard hairs and leaving them soft. The product is a blend of natural oils chosen in the ideal proportion to ensure more hydration, conditioning, softness and shine.

Beard oil is produced with different aromatic essential oils, giving each product a unique and special fragrance. The oil still helps you to comb your beard to make it look more stylish and also prevent dandruff.

Moisturizing the beard

As your beard grows it is normal for the wires to dry out, especially at the ends. The dried out wires cause double, triple ends, opaque appearance and sometimes brittle. The oil helps to compensate by moisturizing the entire beard. Improving the appearance of the wires

Conditional action

Due to the emollient nature of the ingredients, your beard does not get dry, even in adverse conditions such as sun exposure or dry environment. The vegetable oils penetrate the structure of the wire by treating inside out and still creating a protective film.

Prevents itching

Whoever has just shaved or trimmed his beard or who is passing (sometimes painful) by the process of letting his beard grow, will find in beard oil a great ally. As it returns and ensures hydration of the skin, the itching and discomfort sensation is easily eliminated.


Leaves softer wires

With the hydration and conditioning of the oils, the wires will become more pliable and soft. It is also advisable to align the wires with a beard brush after using the oil.

Brings shine and life to the threads

The beard oil will provide your beard  brightness and good appearance resulting from hydration and nutrition given to the yarn. Improving your appearance even more.


Leaves your beard smelling nice: Just choose your preferred aroma available in our store.

It is an indispensable product for a REALLY COOL BEARD!

 by Paulo Fraga


1) Mustache as a Highlight

Mustaches seem to be fashionable, being fuller and with the rest of the beard with less volume.

2) Tidy and Disconnected

The tidy and disconnected beard, also known as “TIDY”, is a beard style that gets lightly messed up but at the same time neat and outlined.

In order for it to be right on your face, you have to make the beard match the ideal face shape.

3) Goatee as Highlight

If you think that goatees are “past things”, you can forget!

Now a days, men look for more styles, even because a man with a well-made beard is much more charming. A full, well-rounded goatee is a good choice for men who want to look older, either because of their work or even because they think they have too young faces.

But the thinner and more open style will look like “Old School Style”.

4) Full and Drawn Beard


Beards with Linear Lines are very successful, but the bulky beard and square-shaped beard are ideal for mens with round or oval faces.

5) Beard To Do (Medium Volume)


This style of beard to made , is closed and thinner and gives the impression of a few days without shaving.

It is very good for those who do not have a full beard, giving a disguise in the faults.

 By Paulo Fraga