What are the benefits of beard oils?

The beard, no matter the size, requires good maintenance to show a nice and well-groomed appearance. A bearded man of respect is one who looks after his appearance with the right items.

So how to take care of the beard with products that can not be lacking?

The beard oil has the function of moisturizing the beard hairs guaranteeing one  growth healthiest. After all nobody deserves a stubble and ugly beard!

The oil is a special conditioner for the beard with the function of maintaining a healthier appearance of the beard hairs and leaving them soft. The product is a blend of natural oils chosen in the ideal proportion to ensure more hydration, conditioning, softness and shine.

Beard oil is produced with different aromatic essential oils, giving each product a unique and special fragrance. The oil still helps you to comb your beard to make it look more stylish and also prevent dandruff.

Moisturizing the beard

As your beard grows it is normal for the wires to dry out, especially at the ends. The dried out wires cause double, triple ends, opaque appearance and sometimes brittle. The oil helps to compensate by moisturizing the entire beard. Improving the appearance of the wires

Conditional action

Due to the emollient nature of the ingredients, your beard does not get dry, even in adverse conditions such as sun exposure or dry environment. The vegetable oils penetrate the structure of the wire by treating inside out and still creating a protective film.

Prevents itching

Whoever has just shaved or trimmed his beard or who is passing (sometimes painful) by the process of letting his beard grow, will find in beard oil a great ally. As it returns and ensures hydration of the skin, the itching and discomfort sensation is easily eliminated.


Leaves softer wires

With the hydration and conditioning of the oils, the wires will become more pliable and soft. It is also advisable to align the wires with a beard brush after using the oil.

Brings shine and life to the threads

The beard oil will provide your beard  brightness and good appearance resulting from hydration and nutrition given to the yarn. Improving your appearance even more.


Leaves your beard smelling nice: Just choose your preferred aroma available in our store.

It is an indispensable product for a REALLY COOL BEARD!

 by Paulo Fraga

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