Dye or not Dye my Beard?

Some say it’s charm and others get extremely annoyed when the white wires begin to fill our beard

What to do?

Before making a decision, it is important to know that the cosmetics market will be on our side, whatever the solution: paint or leave the gray wires.

For those who are uncomfortable with the gray beard, even if they are a few threads, painting is an alternative. It should be done by professionals and with specific dyes for the facial hair. And that detail is critical because “Scalp skin is much tougher than facial skin, so the chemistry of hair dyes can irritate the beard.”

Once the painting is defined, it is time to think about the color. The orientation is to get a color that comes closest to the tone of your “natural beard”.

For this the cosmetic industry has already created tonalizantes for beard in 7 colors: light brown, medium, dark, black, bluish black, blonde and red. The barber never reveals the brand used in his clients.


If the word “paint” seems strange, some barber shops use “pigment” or “camouflage”. In this case, certainly, the establishment develops the technique that uses henna: in addition to coloring the white wires, it covers the faults of the beard hairs on the skin.

Henna is the most interesting cosmetic resource for these sensitive areas such as beard and mustache. It is not an aggressive product and can be used with some constancy.

Therefore, before adopting camouflage, our tip is to observe aspects that involve health and appearance. Choose a barber shop to ensure the use of appropriate products and inspected by the Sanitary Surveillance; and that it counts on the services of a specialist barber in this technical of color.

The procedure takes about half an hour and the result lasts between 15 days and a month.


If you are one of the more traditional and decided to take on the white beard, it is important to know that it will also require some care. Factors such as pollution, cigarette nicotine, among others, end up leaving the hair with the yellowish tone

In this case the “fit” is called a tint. The procedure is made with specific products for white and gray hairs, which neutralize the yellow of the strands through a purple toner (Look for a shampoo for gray beards)

By Paulo Fraga

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