10 facts about the Beard that you did not know

Since ancient Egypt, the beard is well regarded by society. Even if, now a days, it divides opinions of some people, you will always have a good argument to use it, be it short beards, medium, long, drawn or not even some ones that should not be considered as bearded. Not long ago the beard was still considered a sign of carelessness or rebellion against society, but today is seen by the vast majority as an essential part of the masculine face leaving more stylish, not to mention some well-made health that it provides when grown, check out:


1 – Contrary to popular belief, shaving too often does not make it grow faster. What may occur is only a stimulation of the hair follicle and the growth of new beard hair.

2 – A man “loses”, on average, 3,350 hours cultivating and maintaining or shaving his beard all his life.

3 – The beard tends to grow more rapidly during periods of sexual abstinence. The culprits of this? Hormones

4 – Research indicates that since 2008 the visit to dermatologists for demand for a beard implants has grown by an average of 600%.

5 – According to Forbes magazine, 98% of the world’s richest men do not have a beard.

6 – The beard acts as a natural protector against the sun. According to studies by the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, beard and mustache extensions are one-third less exposed to solar radiation, as are exposed regions where hairs predominate

7 – More than half the world’s male population has a beard or mustache, about 55%.

8 – The beard tends to grow faster during the summer. This is due to vasodilation characteristic of the season. That is, with the follicle open the beard  hair grown faster.

9 – The beard helps the health of the skin and the ventilatory system. According to doctors in the area, shaving is one of the main causes of bacterial infections in the face, and also the removal of the layer of facial hair impairs the filtration of impurities brought by the external environment.

10 – Leaving the big beard helps to combat the symptoms of asthma, as it prevents the invasion of dust or pollen through the nasal passages



Since 1995, the World Beard and Mustache Championship has been held with the participation of representatives from more than 20 countries, in which the most beautiful and strange mustaches, goatees and beards of the world are evaluated.

With all these curiosities about the beard, you can convince the most unbelieving that it is rather synonymous with beauty, health and trust. Keeping your beard always well-groomed, you will carry on your face a symbol of masculinity, simply as a matter of style.

By Paulo Fraga

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