How to Care for Your Beard

How to Care for Your Beard

 Nobody wants a beggar’s beard, but is just pass the oil and that’s it?

See now how to treat the beard for her to represent you!

After moisturizing the beard with your favorite oil, you spent all day exposing your beard to dust, fried food, tobacco, and other things that left it stinking and not so showy.

So a good beard shampoo at the end of the day during the bath, will help remove the excess oil that the wires did not absorb and the dirt of the day. Never use a common soap in your beard, there are bar soaps, known as soap for beard,   suitable for such a function.

So like this  you’ll  are prepared to receive one more dose of daily hydration.

How to wash the beard? Does it have a right way?

Yes, bearded! First wash your hair as you usually do, clean your face as usual. Then apply the beard shampoo to your hand or directly to the beard as directed by the manufacturer. Firmly rub your fingertips to the skin and massage the wires.

One or two applications should be enough to make your beard clean and ready to be moisturize. This can be done with a balm or one beard oil.

These items will help you shape the beard and give it the shape you want. At this point a wood shaving comb will help you to give volume and put the wires in place. Then finish with a beard brush


Well, after this rain of information, how to choose the best BEARD OIL?

Os Bárbaros Beard Co. always has the concern in bringing the best for you and for that reason we always test all the products that arrive here. That’s why we can offer you the best beard oil!

First look at the components, choose the ones that are natural, which preferably have 100% vegetable oil or the Organics

Once this is done, choose the fragrance that pleases you best and be happy!

By Paulo Fraga

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