What is Organic Safflower Oil and what is it for?

The safflower is a plant, relative of the sunflower, native to the Middle East and grown in Europe and the United States.
By possessing many benefits for our health, currently safflower oil is widely used by the cosmetics industry as well as medicine in general.

Why organic?

Organic: it is produced without the use of agro-toxic or transgenic seeds in a process that preserves the natural resources from the beginning to the end.
(Beard OIl Citrus, Beard Oil Woody)

Benefits and Uses of Safflower Oil

Because it is rich in fatty acids, safflower oil has several benefits, uses and effects on our health. We will see the most common recommendations as well as the most effective uses of safflower oil.
By having large amount of oleic acid, safflower oil is incredibly beneficial to the health of the beard, scalp,hair and also to our skin due to the linoleic acid which is also present in it. Because it is a vitamin that increases circulation in the scalp and skin, oleic acid stimulates vigorous growth of the beard hairs.

Moisturizing of the Beard

As your beard grows it is normal for the wires to dry out, especially at the ends. The dried out wires cause double, triple ends, opaque appearance and sometimes brittle. The oil helps to compensate by moisturizing the entire beard. Improving the appearance of beard hair.

Our Beard  Products

The beard, no matter the size, requires good maintenance to show a nice and well-groomed appearance.
A bearded man of respect is one who looks after his appearance with the right items.
How to care for the beard with specific products?
 The beard oil has the function of moisturizing the hairs guaranteeing the growth of the healthiest hair. After all nobody deserves a stubble and ugly beard!
In our beard oils, we sought to add this rich oil, but we chose to introduce the organic safflower oil, together with the organic sunflower seed oil and the organic apricot kernel oil. These blends have resulted in a quality product for you to get maximum hydration for your beard.
By Paulo Fraga

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