The matter today is serious. Beard hygiene.

Beard hygiene.

I have seen many men sticking to their beards and not paying attention to daily care. So here’s a message: having certain beard care is an obligation of any man, even more in the current world situation on CORONAVIRUS.

So we will treat your BEARD properly for your own good, believe me. I see some men spend an hour getting ready for work and not having the decency to even wash it.

Products suitable for hygiene and beard care?


Beards need extra care. (Remember the current world situation on CORANAVIRUS)

You don’t put soap on your hair, right?

Of course not, after all you know that soap is for the skin and that for the hair there is the shampoo.

Care with a large, medium or even short beard should follow the same reasoning, you know? So, why haven’t you bought the specific shampoo for beard yet?

It sanitizes the hair, eliminates residues, makes it much easier to comb and not to mention that it is technologically developed to be applied to the type of hair that grows on the face.

The beard shampoo also has components in its formulation, which allow a deep cleaning of the skin, helping to combat possible itches and irritations.

People with very large beards, end up having skin irritations if they do not care properly. So, in addition to washing your beard with shampoo, also take care of hydration.

Therefore, we recommend Beard Oil, as it will supply this deficiency and nourish the beard from root to tip.


Coronavirus / Covid-19
How can I protect myself?
In affected areas, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends hygiene measures and respiratory etiquette to reduce exposure and transmission of the disease:
Adopt respiratory etiquette measures: cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing (with a tissue or elbow, never with your hands; always throw the tissue in the trash);
Wash your hands frequently. You should wash them whenever you blow, sneeze, cough or after direct contact with sick people;
Avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection.

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